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Hand crafted with both fashion and functionality in mind, The Lake Como Carry-All is an effortlessly chic accessory that draws inspiration from the timeless beauty of Lake Como. Designed to take you from beach outings to poolside relaxation, from day trips to picnics, it can also serve as a stylish storage solution for home goods. Its durable construction ensures that it can withstand the demands of everyday use, making it a reliable addition to your Mati Collection. For a touch of glamour, each bag is accompanied with our custom Eye Pin. The Eye has long been associated with protection and good fortune in many cultures, serving as a reminder to be kind and to relish in life's simple pleasures. 

Large Structured Hand Woven Seagrass
Brown Leather Enclosure with Gold Clasp 
Artisan Leather Handles
Hand crafted in Morocco 
Custom Eye Pin

Bag Measurement: 16”L x 12"H x 7”W 

Please Note this bag is made from natural materials and there can be slight variations in color from time to time. 

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