Our Impact

Protecting Our Earth

At Mati Company, we focus on Quality Over Quantity.  We create with intention and believe less is more. Each exclusive product is created with meaning and every detail is met responsibly, with care and with our carbon footprint in mind. We aim to create products that we can stand behind. 

The fashion industry has long been driven by throw away, fast fashion, with garments that pile up in our landfills. Our goal is to provide Affordable Luxury and high quality pieces that are handmade, sourced responsibly and intentionally created in small batches to avoid over production and steer clear of landfills.

At Mati, we consider ourselves part of the Slow Fashion Movement: sustainable fashion and manufacturing that respects people, animals and the environment.


Mindful Packaging

Mati has a strong dedication to our environmental impact. We make careful choices when we pack your order. Your Mati order will arrive lovingly packed in the following:  

100% Premium Organic OEKO-TEX 100 Certified Cotton Drawstring Bag
100% Recyclable Box
Eco-friendly Kraft-Paper Recyclable Tape
Eco-friendly Paper Thank You Card

We collectively improve our climate footprint with each shipment. The environmental impact of our pieces is something we take seriously.


Our Motto: Wear Your Good Karma 

The idea for Mati Company began from the belief that the pieces we enjoy in the natural world should not be harming it. We are focused on a meaningful supply chain and work closely with women led ateliers that are experts in their craft from Morocco, Turkey, Venezuela, Vietnam and Canada. Many of the Mati Artisans are women and are the primary income providers for their families. Your purchase allows them to contribute to their countries' economy, access food and fund education. Each piece is unique and purposely made, so you can feel good about wearing it! 

 Our Crochet Collection is Hand-Made in Delat, Vietnam



 Our Sea Grass Collection is Hand-Woven in Casablanca, Morocco


Our Santorini Clutch & Portofino Pouch are 100% Cotton Yarn
and Hand-Made in Venezuela
Our Mykonos Beach and Bath Robes are made in Turkey
100% Organic Cotton Anatolian Yarn, OEKO-TEX 100 Certified and Custom Wood Stamped