Thank You for being here!

Hi! I'm Alexandra, the Designer and Owner of Mati Company!
I have immersed myself into the art of designing unique and high quality handmade pieces meant to spread positivity and kindness. My deep-rooted love for my heritage, my passion for sustainability and hand made natural products and desire to support woman all over the world shines through in each design. This is what sets Mati apart. 
We are a female-led brand employing female-led ateliers across the world. 
Mati Artisans are primarily women and are the primary income providers for their families and Mati purchases allow them to contribute to their countries' economy, access food and fund education. 
I've poured my heart into growing a company that stands for responsible fashion and timeless luxury. My love for the Mati (Eye) and unwavering passion for the Mediterranean, coupled with my respect for Mother Nature, lead me down this path of Responsible Affordable Luxury where each Mati piece is unique and purposefully made, so you can feel good about wearing it! 
On a more personal note, my proudest accomplishments are my 3 young boys. I have been able to follow my passion and grow Mati Company while raising my babies for the past 5 years. Georgio, Anthony, Leo and my husband Andy are my driving forces and daily inspiration!
I hope my products bring you happiness and you enjoy wearing them just as much as I enjoy designing them <3

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